Banks In Agri Sector

Information on various Schemes provided by Nationalized Banks are collected by efresh and uploaded into portal. This information includes all the important schemes which are applicable to the farming sector.


A dynamic and growing agricultural sector needs adequate finance through banks to accelerate the overall growth. The target for agricultural credit in 2012-13 is Rs 5, 75,000 crores. The government has allocated Rs 10,000 crores to the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) for refinancing Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) to disburse short-term crop loans to small and marginal farmers. The short-term crop loans scheme offers credit to farms at 7 per cent interest rate per annum. Farmers who repay in time would get crop loans at 4 per cent interest rate. In order to reduce post-harvest losses, farmers are also eligible to get post-harvest loans up to six months at 4 per cent interest rate provided they keep their produce in warehouses. Following is a list of offers of credit from some of the nationalized banks.

  • Loan Facilities for Short Term Agricultural Operations Click Here
  • Agricultural Term Loans Click Here
  • Debt Relief in Event of Occurrence of Natural Calamities Click Here

1.  Akshay Krishi Click Here

1. Pattabhi Agri Cards Click Here

2. AB Kisan Vikas Cards Click Here

3. AB Kisan Sampathi Click Here

4. AB Kisan Rakshak Click Here

5. AB Kisan Chakra Click Here

6. Rural Godowns Click Here

7. Purchase of Land Click Here

8. Dairy Agents Click Here

9. Kisan Bandhu Click Here

10. Agri Clinics Click Here

11. AB Kisan Green Card Click Here

12. AB Suryasakthi Click Here

1. Baroda Kisan Credit Card Click Here

2. Agricultural Implements Click Here

3. Tractors and Heavy Agricultural Machinery Click Here

4. Financing Second Hand Tractors Click Here

5. Cultivation of Crops Click Here

6. Farm Produce Marketing Loan Click Here

7. Irrigation Potential Click Here

8. Baroda kisan tatkal loan scheme Click Here

9. Dealers of Agricultural Inputs Click Here

10. Financing Agencies Providing Custom Services To Farmers Click Here

11. Agriclinics and Agribusiness Centers Click Here

12. Financing Construction of Farm Building and Structures Click Here

13.Construction / Expansion / Modernization / Renovation of Rural Godowns Click Here

14.Development of Horticulture Click Here

15.Land Development Click Here

16.Scheme for Loan Against Gold / Silver Ornaments / Jewellery Click Here

17.Dairy, Poultry, etc Click Here

18.Financing Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes Click Here

19.Scheme for purchase of Agricultural land Click Here


1. Kisan Credit Card Click Here

2. Shatabdi Krishi Vikas Card Click Here

3. Kisan Samadhan Card Click Here

4. Star Bhumiheen Kisan Card Click Here


1. Agri Clinics Click Here

2. Cold Storage Click Here

3. Composite Cash Credit Click Here

4. Crop Finance Click Here

5. Farm Mechanization Click Here

6. Financing for Draught Animals Click Here

7. Land Development Click Here

8. Minor Irrigation Click Here

9. Poultry Development Click Here

10. Purchase of Land Click Here

11. Rural Godowns Click Here

12. Dairy Development Click Here

1. Dena Kisan Gold Credit Card Scheme Click Here

2. List of schemes for financing to Agriculture Sector Click Here

1. Agriculture & Rural Credit Schemes Click Here

1. Agricultural Banking by Indian Bank Click Here

1. Agriculture Clinic & Agriculture Business Centers Click Here

2. Model scheme for financing coconut farming Click Here

3. Purchase of Land for Agriculture Purposes Click Here

4. Kisan Credit Card-Oriental Green Card Click Here

5. Composite Credit Scheme for Agricultural Leading/Oriental Kisan Gold Card Click Here

6. Advance against Warehouse Receipts to Farmers Click Here

7. Financing Two/Three Wheelers to Farmers Click Here

8. Schemes for Financing Farmers for Purchase of Trucks Click Here

9. Scheme for purchase of Tractor Click Here

10. Scheme for Financing Working Capital Requirement of Cold Storage Click Here

11. Scheme for purchase of Second Hand Tractor Click Here

1. Agriculture Credit Schemes Click Here

2. Procedural Guidelines for Agricultural Credit Click Here

1. Financing Tenant Farmers Click Here

2. Kisan Credit Card (KCC) Scheme Click Here

3. Loans Under General Credit Card Click Here

4. Loans against Warehouse Receipt Click Here

5. Loans against warehouse receipt of national bulk handling corporation ltd Click Here

6. Produce Marketing Loans Click Here

1. Agricultural Banking by SBI Click Here

1. Synd Jai Kisan Click Here

2. Synd Kisan Swarna Click Here

3. Syndicate Farm House Scheme Click Here

4. Financing Homestead Farming Click Here

5. Farm Mechanization Schemes Click Here

6. Hi-tech Agriculture Click Here

7. Development of Irrigation Infrastructure Click Here

8. Tenant Farmers Land Cultivation Loan Scheme Click Here

9. Land Development Schemes Click Here

10. Purchase of Land For Agricultural Purpose Click Here

11. Syndicate 2/3/4 Wheelers Scheme Click Here

12. Animal Husbandry Scheme Click Here

13. Syndicate Kisan Credit Card Click Here

14. Other Agricultural Loan Products Click Here

15. Scheme for water Harvesting Click Here

16. SyndKisanSathi Click Here

1. Advances to Agriculture SSIs & Others Click Here

1. Production credit for agricultureClick Here

2. Investment CreditClick Here

3. Stabilization of Agri CreditClick Here

4. Storage &Integrated Cooperative Development Project Click Here

5. Finance to Co-operative Sugar Mills Click Here

6. Crop Insurance Click Here

Short-Term Credit 

1. Crop Loan Click Here

2. Union Green Card Click Here

3. Union Gold Loan Click Here

4. Loan against receipt of warehouse/cold storage(for farmers) Click Here

Long-Term Credit 

1. Minor Irrigation Click Here

2. Land Reclamation & Development Click Here

3. Land Purchase Click Here

4. Farm Mechanization Click Here

5. Bio Gas Click Here

6. Union Mortgage Scheme For Farmers Click Here

7. Construction Of Cold Storage Click Here

8. Purchase of 2, 3, 4 Wheelers Click Here

9. Sericulture Click Here

10. Bhumiheen Green Card Click Here

11. Union White Card Click Here

12. Activities allied to Agriculture Click Here

13. Agri Clinics /Business Centres Click Here

1. Kisan Power Click Here

2. Power Trac Click Here

3. Arthia Power Click Here

1. Tractor Loan Click Here

2. Farmer Finance Click Here

1. Kisan Card / Kisan Gold Card Click Here

2. Tractor Loans Click Here

1. New Kisan Credit Card Click Here

2. Agri General Purpose Credit Card Click Here

3. Agri Clinic Click Here

4. Agricultural Jewel loans Click Here

1. Dairy Venture Capital Fund Scheme Click Here

2. Corp Kisan Vehicle Loan Yojna Click Here

3. Corp Kisan Farm Mechanization Scheme Click Here

4. Corp Kisan Tie-Up Loan Scheme Click Here

5. Corp Gram Mitra Yojana[CGMY]Click Here

6. Corp Gold Loan Click Here

7. Corp Swarojgar Credit Card Scheme Click Here

1. Cent Solar Light Scheme Click Here

2. Cent SHG-PI Linked Scheme Click Here

3. Purchase of Tractors to SHGs Click Here

4. Cent Gold & Silver Loan Scheme (Agriculture)Click Here

5. Loans for the Purchase of Estates Click Here

6. Cent Kisan SaathiClick Here

7. Central Kisan Credit Card Click Here

8. Cent Kisan Gold Card Click Here

9. Cent Gold Loan Scheme Click Here

Note: For further details of Agricultural Banking please visit the nearest Branches of all the above banks.

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