Food Safety Certification Schemes in the Food Supply Chain

Food Safety Certification Schemes in the Food Supply Chain Click Here

Brief on Various Standards

Consumers Demand Higher Quality of Food not only in terms of food composition ( i. Nutritional Composition of Food) but also in safety.

  • In order to meet the production of safe and quality of food the Government and Retailers have demanded implementation of food standards as laid down by them in production and distribution of food.
  • These standards as referred as certification schemes
  • Authorized Certification bodies will assess the organisations on implementation of these standards and award the certificates.
  • Questions about Certification
  • Pre- Farm Gate Certification schemes
  • Post- Farm Gate Certification Schemes

Certification Schemes provided for Organizations within the Food chain. This is divided into 3 categories

  • Questions About Certification
  • Pre Farm Gate
  • Post Farm Gate

Questions About Certification

There are three ways of verifying that a standard is met. In the first case, a company may decide to adopt the standard and appoint some of its employees to verify that all its departments comply with it. This is called first-party verification.


For more information Download Questions About Certification

Pre Farm Gate

GOOD AGRICULTURE PRACTICES CERTIFICATION Growing demand for food safety certification : European supermarket chains are increasingly demanding that their suppliers be certified against a private food safety standard such as GLOBALGAP, BRC and IFS. These chains account for over 60 percent of fresh produce retail sales in many European countries. In addition, each individual retail company may impose even stronger quality requirements on its suppliers so as to differentiate its products from that of its competitors.

Post Farm Gate

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