Do's & Don’ts in AcidLime CROP
  • Select areas with congenial climate preferably dry areas without frost
  • Select areas having good transport facilities
  • Select sites of medium fertility, good drainage, having a PH of 6.0 – 6.5
  • Select areas with good quality water availaibility for irrigation
  • Plant suitable varieties for the agroclimate condition of the selected area
  • Plant only seedlings of acid lime
  • Adopt training and pruning from the initial stage
  • Adopt drip irrigation and double ring method of irrigation
  • Practice inter cropping with suitable crops for meeting the cultivation expenses particulary during pre bearing period.
  • Follow integrated nutrient management
  • Intercultivate at least twice : at the start and at the end of the monsoon rains for weed control, water infiltration and checking of certain insect pests
  • Stop irrigating the trees 20-30 days before harvesting
  • Harvest the Crop at Appropriate maturity with clipper/hooks
  • Collect the fruits in plastic covers and give them anti fungal treatment
  • Pack them in well ventilated containers and pre-cool.
  • Stop irrigating the trees 20-30 days before harvesting.
  • Avoid Saline/alkaline/calcareous soil and shallow soil
  • Avoid low lying areas, prone to submerge and poor drainage
  • Avoid irrigating trees with high carbonates/bi-carbonates and chlorides
  • Avoid planting grafted plants
  • Avoid Planting material with disease and nematodes
  • Avoid wind damage and sun damage to young plants
  • Avoid criss- crossing of branches, water suckers and dense canopy
  • Avoid flood irrigation and also basin to basin irrigation.
  • Avoid solanaceous vegetables, tall growing and exhaustive crops as inter crops
  • Don’t irrigate trees before harvesting
  • Avoid harvest of immature fruits or allowing fruits on trees to be damaged
  • Don’t drop the fruits to the ground
  • Don’t use Prohibited pesticides
  • Don’t transport fruits loose in the vehicles
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