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Schedule – Grade designation and quality of sweet Oranges
Sweet Oranges are fruits obtained from different varieties of sweet orange –
Citrus sinensis Osbeck of Rutaceae family.
Minimum Requirements
  • a. Whole form, sound and fresh in appearance.
  • b. Should have balanced ratio between sugar and acid
  • c. Should have maximum juice content
  • d. Should have at least 8 percent sugar and maximum 13 percent total soluble solids.
  • e. Should be free from granulation.
  • f. Should be free from thrips damage, Purple Blotch, Black Spots etc.
Grade Designations and definition of quality of oranges of (tight – skinned) produced in India
Type GradeDesignation Designationof quality
State or Condition**
Thin Skinned Mosambi Having at least More than half The surface smooth Extra Special 3 inches

(1) The oranges shall be fine and shall have reached a stage of maturity which will permit the subsequent loss of firmness ordinary course of transport and marketing with out appreciable completion of ripening.

(2) The oranges shall be reasonable Uniform in color. No orange shall be entirely green

(3) Each orange shall have the shape Normal to the variety and be free from malformations.

(4) The oranges shall be free from Defects due to diseases or insects Or mechanical injury or sunburn Affecting the fruit internally.

(5) Oranges having a cosarse- Corrugated (Godhadi) skin shall Not be graded.

(6) Mesambis of the new crop (Nawa Bahar) shall not be mixed with old crop (Juna Bahar)

Special 2 ¾ inches
Good 2 ½ inches
(Safaida)Medium thick Skinned of which the Entire surface may be Rough.
*Fruits exceeding the diameter given against Extra Special by ½ inch shall be excluded. A tolerance of 10% shall be allowed for accidental error in grading in respect of oranges corresponding with size specification in the next lower grade.
**In respect of items referred to in Col. 3, a tolerance of five percent shall be allowed in any one package to cover accidental error in grading except the defects referred to in items (4),(5) and(6) for which no tolerance shall be allowed.
European Banned AGMARK Standards

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