In the autumn, it puts forth leaves looking like a clump of grass, and continue to grow through the winter. In spring, the leaves die down; ending the first annual growth and the underground bulb goes "dormant”. With the return of autumn, the bulb breaks dormancy and sends up new leaves, and flowers, which carries saffron strands, the product of commerce.
Botanical name Family name
Crocus sativus Iridacea
Chilli Profile
Saffron crocus is a beautiful flower grown mostly in Kashmir ( India ). Saffron, which has for decades been the world's most expensive spice by weight, is native to Southwest Asia. It was first cultivated in the vicinity of Greece. After a period of hibernation in summer, five to eleven narrow and nearly vertical green leaves—growing up to 40 cm in length—emerging from the ground. In autumn, purple buds appear. Only in October, It develops flowers, ranging from a light lilac to darker and more striated mauve. Upon flowering, it is about 30 cm in height. Inside each flower thers is a three-pronged style; in turn, each prong terminates with a crimson stigma 25–30 mm in length. These stigma are hand harvested , dried and used as saffron. Saffron was traditionally used in coloring the rice in biryani. Saffron crocus is a fall-flowering perennial, and is sterile. Being sterile, the purple flowers fail to produce viable seeds. Reproduction is through the corms, dug up, broken apart, and replanted. A corm survives for only one season, reproducing ten "cormlets" that eventually give rise to new plants. The corms are small brown globules up to 4.5 cm in diameter and are shrouded in a dense mat of parallel fibers
Common Name: Saffron crocus
Language Called as
Urdu Zafran
Sanskrit Kashmirajanman
Hindi Kesar
Malayalam Kashmiram
Marathi Kesar
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