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Mandi Profiles

The Agricultural Produce Market Committee or Mandis is a marketing board established by the state governments of India. The state governments in order to facilitate farmers to sell their produce and get reasonable price constituted APMCs (Mandis) in many towns. Most of the APMC have market yards where traders and other marketing agents are provided godowns and shops for purchase of agriculture produce from farmers.

  • Farmers can sell their produce to agents or traders under supervision of APMC.
  • These Mandis function based on certain rules and bye laws framed by APMCs and each Mandi has got a set of operational rules and guidelines specific to the major crops grown in that particular area.
  • eFresh representative personally visited important Mandis and collected the present information and also taken the photograph of Mandis, wherever feasible.
  • The information about Mandis is presently provided in the prescribed format.
  • efresh has made an attempt to provide information on Mandis, The information provided under this section is the information provided by the respective Mandi staff. eFresh does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided in the respective profiles. It only facilitates initial connectivity. Usability of this information is at the discretion of the user/member of this portal. eFresh shall not be responsible for any loss/damage/issues arising out of usage of the information under this section.
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