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Farmers Development Centers

These are physical centers established in villages and towns where crops are grown by partnering with Farmers Producer Organizations, Farmers co-operatives etc. FDCs are setup to act as all-time reliable Knowledge one stop shop Centers (KCs) which enable local farming communities to access knowledge, technology, inputs, financial & risk mitigation services, farm machinery hiring services , value chain integrations and market information and linkages etc.

FDCs will help the farmers in the following areas
Sale of Agri inputs and rural products
  • Seed
  • Fertilizers
  • Agro Chemicals
  • Farm Tools
  • Rural products – Solar Torch lights, umbrellas, etc.,
Farm machinery hiring services
  • eFresh makes Farm mechanization easily and timely accessible, affordable and reachable to small farmers through aggregation of Farm Machinery Service providers.
Market linkages at FDC – farm to market
  • Facilitation of Farm produce Aggregation and linking with the Markets.
Agri information data services
  • eFresh collects the data by Mapping Village Profiles, Farmers Data, Rural Infrastructure, Service providers details and Market Linkages network for identification and addressing of the needs.
Soil testing
  • Farmers are educated in collection of the soil in a scientific way and the testing is done at FDC with recommendations.
Technology Driven Advisory Services And skill development
  • Educating and providing training to the farmers through eFresh Digital Platform for Agriculture on Good Agricultural Practices, Water Management, Effective use of inputs, Fertilizer Schedules, Pest Management, Farm Machinery, etc.,
Model Farms With Good Agricultural Practices
  • eFresh in collaboration with leading Organizations initiated model farmers concept at its FDCs . Some farmers are selected as model farmers who will be supported with the advisory services, scientific methods and technology interventions.
  • These model farmers will be the brand ambassadors for showcasing the best practices to the neighbouring farmers.
Launchpad For Innovations
  • FDC platform will be preferred launch pad for Organizations for demonstrating their innovative product launches


Though agriculture being the most important sector, however the Indian Farmer was neglected to a large extent since the agricultural requirements were never professionally channelized to the India Farmer. Keeping this in mind eFRESH decided to bring all the essential farming needs by partnering with the best players in the Agri market under one umbrella and conceived the idea of FDC to channelize these important areas which are listed below:



  • Seed
  • Fertlizers
  • Agro Chemicals
  • Farm Tools
  • Rural Products – Solar touch Lights, Umbrellas, etc,



eFresh with its best partner channels makes Farm mechanization easily accessible, affordable and reachable to smalland medium farmers – addressing the farmers needs in terms of

  • Affordability and sale of Farm Equipment
  • Hiring of Farm Machinery



Earlier, India Farmer never had a professional financial advisory service through any experienced institution or other. eFRESH’s endeavor is to guide the Indian Farmer on this most important aspect, so that the farmer does not suffer huge losses in absence of such an advise. eFRESH also is planning to bring crop insurance into the agriculture cycle of the Indian farmer. This segment of crop insurance in the past, has played a very dormant role in the Indian agriculture. eFRESH by planning to introduce this in near future into the farmers crop cycle, will change and revolutionize positively the approach of the India farmer towards Indian agriculture. Eventually the entire Indian farming communities outlook towards Indian agriculture will change positively. This revolution will bring back the lost security, confidence and hope of the Indian Farmer which otherwise was tilting towards the dark future.


The Indian farmer who in spite of his hard work could not generate the required income due to the lack of access to proper knowledge, innovations and guidance in the field of agriculture. eFRESH having understood this problem of the Indian farmer and with a view to bring the real potential of the farmer embarked and developed a unique digital platform which will revolutionize and expose the dormant untapped power of the farmer in the Indian Agriculture. This unique platform not only would empower eFRESH to help the Indian Farmer to unleash his potential by exposing his identity, but would also empower eFRESH to collect this important farmers data which would used in different ways by the people in the agriculture world. eFRESH over a period would collect and build abundance of farmers data which will allow FDC to channelize and educate the farmer the right agricultural Practices. This way eFRESH would become a abundance data centre of the Indian farmer like Google. This powerful data in a digitized form will give immense power to eFRESH to revolutionize the Indian Farmer and the agriculture sector.


This unique platform which eFRESH has specially developed, is in the form of a tablet which would collect farmers data with its unique app where a data collector from eFRESH would visit each individual farmer from the circle or
region of the concerned FDC. The data collector not only will pin the location live of the farmer into the real time map with this tablet, but would also collect his entire details like Name, ID (AADHAR), Family Details, Years put in farming, type of farming with the crop details, Financial Assistance if any and Etc., This collected powerful data would be uploaded to the mainframe of the eFRESH Data Centre and this detail information power of the farmer will allow eFRESH immensely to channelize the agriculture sector.


eFRESH having collected this immense data would channelize the data to identify the correct farm produce, Quality, availability, location and region from where it could be procured by introducing this data through its web
channel for the information of importers and Exporters of the world. This facility of farmers information is presently not available in such a detailed form. eFRESH has an advantage since it has spread its tentacles deep with its
presence within the agriculture segment due to the network of its FDCs.


main role is to expose the farmer to the latest and innovative inventions in the field of agriculture which the farmer until now was deprived off. Hence after extensive study eFRESH found that the following are the critical areas which needs to be addressed by giving farmers the proper exposure and guidance which would help the farmer to economically produce the product with Highest Quality.




Soil plays a very vital role in the agriculture sector. The health of soil will result in Quality health of the farm produce. At present farmers are not aware of the importance of Soil Health and its implications on quality production. The Indian farmer is deprived of access to Soil Testing facilities and its advisory services.eFRESH with its excellent scientific team in its fold has developed a method of Soil Testing Facility services. FDC has a backup team to guide and advise the farmers to apply correct usage of manures and fertilizers to improve the soil’s health contributing to enhanced Yield and Quality output


As we all are aware that soil being an important part of agriculture, similarly water management plays a very crucial and important role in growth of a quality farm output. One of the many reasons why a farmer is not able to achieve a qualitative and quantitative growth is due to the gaps which exists in the lack of knowledge on water management, The farmer wastes lot of money and electricity due to the lack of the above mentioned knowledge. The lack of this knowledge also results in depletion of ground water which is a very dangerous environmental loss. eFRESH keeping these most crucial and important issues, developed a very scientific approach and method led by its eminent team of experienced scientists in the field of agriculture. Some of the major role played by eFresh is in bridging this gap by training the farmers on farm water management, drip irrigation, soil moisture management, water conservation. Once the farmer is trained on the above, the goal of achieving quantity and quality is assured and the economic viability of farming is also achieved.


Crop Advisory is fundamentally a very important aspect in a Farmers world. Which crop to select and grow is very important based on the local condition of the farmer. Lack of timely Access to crop advisory is becoming a major
challenge to the farmers. Farmers are deprived of correct crop advisory. eFresh after understanding this problem has come up with a solution to help the farmers. eFresh with its expert advisory team and the required parameters would suggest and improve the farmers farming needs by advising the farmer to decide on the right selection and improvement of the crop.


The most important and crucial aspect of crop management is the Pest and Disease Management. The farmer faces a great disaster if this is not incorporated since the inception of the crop and until its full cycle. The major loss which the Indian farming sector is facing in todays world is due to this lack of knowledge of Pest and Disease Management. In today’s farming world, the farmer is not able to identify in the crop, the existence of pest and diseases, both in its early and late stages. Due to this the farmer looses his crop at a level where its cycle was beginning or at a level where it was nearly completing the cycle, any such loss will effect the farmer financially to the highest and emotionally reduces the confidence level of the farmer which results in the farmer taking a drastic step of committing suicide.
Keeping the above in mind eFresh not only have developed an efficient and scientific team to deal with this problem, but also has partnered with the most leading brands in the field of Agro Chemicals to guide the farmer with the help of its established FDC’s wherein a team of professional and dedicated crop experts provides appropriate preventive and curative management practices thus helping the farmers for a healthy crop with minimized investments leading to higher returns.


Indian farmer face unique challenges and require education and training to ensure their success. eFresh training programs helps farmers to incorporate the latest scientific advances and how to use this technological tools into their
daily operations.




having put enormous effort and time came to a conclusion that model Farms need to be developed to create practical awareness to the farmers where our expert agriculturist will help grow the farm produce with out-most scientific and economically. innovative idea to create Model Farms at each of the eFresh FDCs some farmers will be selected as model farmers who will be supported with the advisory services, scientific methods and technology interventions.