FDC Franchises

FPO’s/Agripreneurs – Benefits


  • One stop shop facility at Farmers door step – Advisory services, Agri inputs, Farm technologies, Farm tools, Financial and Market linkages etc.
  • Automated accounting and statutory compliances.
  • Representing reputed brand – eFresh
  • Back office support on inventory management, sales performance, monitoring
    through dash boards.
  • Farm Advisory services and trainings using big data analytics.
  • Develop professional Competence through capacity building.
  • Financial and Insurance Linkages.
  • E-Commerce platform
  • Model Farmers with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)
  • Product Promotions and revenue through eFresh and its partners


Technology Support

eFresh provides a customize emarket place for its Franchises, Farmers and all Agriculture stake holders. Farmers can also transparently buy inputs like Fertilizers, Organic Compost, Plant Growth Nutrients, Pesticides and Implements using online shopping and e-commerce plateform.


In spite of all the efforts and hard work the Indian Farmer puts, the rewards for his farm produce are not compensative. The Indian farmer many a times incurs losses. eFresh took the challenge to understand this phenomena and after extensively studying the circumstances surrounding this phenomena developed a plan which would eliminate this farmers suffering. eFresh zeroed on this issue by understanding that the farmer suffers on the account of lack of proper infrastructure to reach his farm produce to the related markets. eFresh with a view to eliminate this gap of lack of proper network of connectivity and infrastructure in this area designed and developed a system of Farm Produce Network called the “AGRI WHEELS”. In this system eFresh would design and colloborate with the manufacturer of mini trucks wherein a network would collaborate with transporters for transport of the fresh farm output to the existing network of farm markets optimizing the post harvest losses and maximizing returns to the farmers.

The Indian farmer who in spite of his hard work could not generate the required income due to the lack of access to proper knowledge, innovations and guidance in the field of agriculture.  eFRESH having understood this problem of the Indian farmer and with a view to bring the real potential of the farmer embarked and developed a unique digital platform which will revolutionize and expose the dormant untapped power of the farmer in the Indian Agriculture. This unique platform not only would empower eFRESH to help the Indian Farmer to unleash his potential by exposing his identity, but would also empower eFRESH to collect this important farmers data which would used in different ways by the people in the agriculture world. eFRESH over a period would collect and build abundance of farmers data which will allow FDC to channelize and educate the farmer the right agricultural practices. This way eFRESH would become a abundance data centre of the Indian farmer like Google. This powerful data in a digitized form will give immense power to eFRESH to revolutionize the Indian Farmer and the agriculture sector.


This unique platform which eFRESH has specially developed, is in the form of a tablet which would collect farmers data with its unique app where a data collector from eFRESH would visit each individual farmer from the circle or region of the concerned FDC. The data collector not only will pin the location live of the farmer into the real time map with this tablet, but would also collect his entire details like Name, ID (AADHAR), Family Details, Years put in farming, type of farming with the crop details, Financial Assistance if any and Etc., This collected powerful data would be uploaded to the mainframe of the eFRESH Data Centre and this detail information power of the farmer will allow eFRESH immensely to channelize the agriculture sector.



having collected this immense data would channelize the data to identify the correct farm produce, Quality, availability, location and region from where it could be procured by introducing this data through its web channel for the information of importers and Exporters of the world. This facility of farmers information is presently not available in such a detailed form. eFRESH has an advantage since it has spread its tentacles deep with its presence within the agriculture segment due to the network of its FDCs.


eFresh understood and to bring success and effectiveness to the eFresh’s business models, it is imperative that the entire functioning of these models are controlled and monitored by bringing them under one roof.With this philosophy in mind, eFresh developed and created a very advanced monitoring control center which would allow to collect data, control and monitor the multiple platforms such as Farmers Development Center, Digital Platform for Agriculture, Market Linkages and Agri Information Data Services.