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Model Farmers

Present marketing chains consist of multiple middlemen, each taking a margin at every stage of the chain. This results in lower price realizations and at times, inability to recover the farm operational costs.

Scope and Coverage

eFresh is collaborating with leading companies for selecting and supporting the model farmers through interventions in Smart Technologies, ICT enabled advisory services and market linkages. Data is collected from time to time, compiled and evaluated. Also, the progress of the model farmers can be viewed online.

On-farm demonstrations of products and technologies are conducted in Model farmers’ fields with expert supervision of eFresh FDC personnel along with the sponsors. These model farmers in the villages will become brand ambassadors and will showcase the best practices to other farmers. 

eFresh after research and study understood that seeing and believing concept plays a
major role in understanding the best practices and technologies adopted by the Model
Farmers in their farms.
Model Farmers program aims at involving progressive farmers as change agents to
disseminate proven practices, transfer of location specific Production technologies to
eager to learn visiting farmers.
eFresh in collaboration with institutions selects the farmers in the villages for promoting
sustainable and profitable farming . The services to the farmers are customized to meet
local conditions. The services include provision and monitoring of Agri extension
services including soil & water testing , access to quality farm inputs ,introduction of
new technologies for farming operations, utilization of common infrastructure assets and
market linkages.
These model farmers are guided throughout the first crop cycle . Previous and the
current crop cycle farming data on defined parameters is collected and evaluated with
positive and negative outcomes.

Present Collaborators:
Rallis India Ltd ( A TATA group company)
Barrix Agro Sciences Pvt ltd
Geolife Agritech India Pvt Ltd


The  chart below shows that the largest impact is through hands –on experience gained by  farmers  THROUGH visits to the model farm

eFresh  and  Rallis India  Ltd   team Interaction with MODEL FARMERS at eFresh Farmers Development Center at Jagtial, Telangana State .


At eFresh Farmers development centers, one to two farmers for each  prominent crop  in the village are selected  for support by eFRESH and its collaborators.  Presently operational in the States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, eFresh FDCs will be extended to other States



A checklist is used by eFresh for selection of the Model Farmer  . Farm location  which is accessible nearby to the village ( 1 to 2 km), self-cultivation of the land by the farmer with good  farming track record of minimum  five years , the prominently grown crop in the village and nearby villages, keen interest of the farmers  in  adoption of new technologies and practices . Ability to write and  communicate to the visiting farmers in local language  and popularity of the farmer are the criteria for selection.


Role of efresh :

  • Selection of the Model farmer and crops in consultation with the collaborator
  • Collection of farming metrics for the past practices ,costs, output in terms of product and market sales for past two years.
  • Collection of soil and water samples and completion of  the tests
  • Collection of ongoing metrics in terms of use of Agri inputs AND OTHER APPLICATIONS ON THE FARM.
  • Facilitating the visibility of the MODEL farmers through  eFRESH online platform  to the sponsoring
  • Documenting the metrics of the model farmers through “SEED TO HARVEST” and submission to the collaborator along with the impact created.

Role of the collaborator:

  • Putting up of the display board at the farm about the initiative with the name of eFRESH and the collaborator
  • Demonstration and application of the technologies and products of the collaborator.
  • Provision of Subsidized /free inputs supply for the first cycle of the crop.
  • Visits to the farm for monitoring of the farm activities and onsite advice as per frequency of visits mutually agreed.
  • Training the farmer on crop specific package of practices

Joint Responsibilities

  • Preparing the specific package of practices based on the local conditions for implementation by the farmers
  • Recommendation on use of farm inputs based on soil and water testing reports.


  • Increased confidence on COLLABORATOR products and technologies.
  • Increase sales revenue for the products.
  • Supporting the farmers initiatives for Spreading         AGRI BEST PRACTICES  and KNOW HOW  to the neighboring Farmers TO Raise Productivity and Incomes




Learning’s on Smart and Safe agriculture for other farmers in the location.
Farmers follow soil and water test based nutrient recommendations.
Reduction in farming operational costs.
Increased productivity & quality produce.
Sustainable and profitable agriculture.
Efresh branding and
Collaborators and Associates