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Technology Interventions
Innovative Interventions

Technology Plays a critical role in raising Farm Yields, enhancing nutritional value of foods, Climate –Proofing Agri Production and Conservation of Natural Recourses
eFresh created a platform for launch and demonstration of New Innovations and Technologies by innovators/organizations at its Farmers Development Centers (FDC) for the SMART IRRIGATION

TQ MOBILE PUMP STARTER:A Tata Projects commercial venture with a social face

eFresh FDC is used by the TATA GROUP Company for launch of its product for the first time in India on 11th July 2017 at Jagtial ,Telangana State.
WATER & ENERGY are the lifelines of Agriculture ,which consumes around 90% of the country’s renewable fresh water and a fifth of total electricity respectively. Preserving natural resources, particularly optimum utilization of water based on the crop need and top soil is critical in ensuring the Sustainable and Profitable Farming.

TQ Mobile product is aligned to the outcomes envisaged in the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana and will help in supporting the “Per Drop More Crop” Mission.

Mobile Phone operated Pump Starter
TQ Mobile phone operated Pump Starter will enable farmers to operate an agricultural water pump remotely –the pump can be monitored and controlled, switched on and off, with the help of a Mobile Phone
TQ Pump Starters are GSM based Mobile Starters, equipped with latest microcontroller based software technology, made with a vision to make farmers 100% free from daily pain, stress to start and stop motor several times a day as the farm location is away from the farmer residence. Facilitates optimum utilization of water and electricity based on the needs of the crop.
Farmers are protected against
•Any phase failure, Electronic Overload Protection, Remote Sensing Dry-run Protection, High / Low voltage Protection and Extreme High Current Protection

Smart Irrigation

Digital Tools for Water Conservation- Control Your Pump, Whenever You Want and From Wherever You Want eFresh Agribusiness Solutions in partnership with TATA Projects Ltd launched TQ mobile Phone Operated Pump Starter for the first time in the State of Telangana says Mr Srihari Kotela ,Managing Director of eFresh

Water conservation has always been a goal achieved in part by embracing innovation. The world today faces a variety of pressures on the supply of fresh water. Worldwide farming uses 70% of the water from rivers, lakes, ground water and glaciers known collectively as blue water. When less rain fall, farmers adopt by irrigating more often. In response to these circumstances, farmers are looking to adopt more efficient irrigation systems and its management .

The most innovative approach to water conservation on today’s farms usually begin with collecting the data in real time which enables supply of required water each plant needs.

Presently farmers are facing problems in operating the pump sets, which are located far away from their homes. The power supply for farm fields is normally available during nights and farmers have to be awake during nights to operate the pump sets. Crop quality and productivity is also affected due to excess pumping of water as the farmers pays inadequate attention in switching off the pump set as the electricity is freely made available to the farmers .
TQ Mobile phone operated pump starter will enable farmers to operate an agricultural water pump remotely –the pump can be monitored, controlled, switched on and off with the help of a mobile phone.

pump starters are GSM based mobile starters equipped with latest micro controlled based software technology made to sve the stress of travelling back and forth to the pump in rough and distant locations to start and stop the motor several times a day and night

Benefits to the Farmers:

  • Operate the Pump set through Mobile phone from anywhere and anytime.
  • Reduces water wastage, farmer time and effort.
  • Makes call to the farmer when it detects faults like overload/dry-run.
  • Talks in Farmers local language.
  • Optimum utilization of water and increased productivity and Quality of Farm produce.
Benefits to Govt:

  • Minimize energy consumption, which reduces government energy subsidy budgets, with the flip side being, it helps increase availability & reliability of power many parts of rural India
  • Conserve water- a very scarce resource & depleting rapidly.
  • Improve Agri sector yield & productivity

Easy to use. At any time. From anywhere Through Mobile Phone

Agri Information Data Services
Farmers & Crop Data
eFresh with its process driven approach and with its developed mobile apps collects the data by mapping Villages, Crop patterns, Farmers Data, Rural Infrastructure, and Market Linkage Network for use at its FDCs.

Data collection executives are appointed in each FDC operated village who collects data on various parameters.

AGRI INFORMATION DATA SERVICES – Harnessing the Power of Data:


  • Access to Quality Inputs and Equipment
  • Upgrading of Skills and Competencies
  • Enables to grow Crops more efficiently
  • Adoption of Successful Technologies
  • Prediction of Crop Yield


  • Aggregation of Farm Machinery Hiring Services, Farm Service Providers and Rural Infrastructure.
  • For MARKET

    • Inter linking the Farmers, Processors, Traders and Consumers

Mobile App

This mobile app will address proper Identification of Pests, diseases in Farms and connecting the farmers to the advisory experts through voice and images of the problems.

Call Center

eFresh will set up Centralized call centre at its Head office and the Farmers can contact the toll free number for advisory services

Agrigation of farm Infrastructure and Service provides
Presently the farmers are facing challenges in minimizing the harvest and post-harvest losses due to lack of rural infrastructure like warehouses, cold Storages, ripening chambers and right transport providers. The farmers are also not familiar with the existing rural infrastructure in the region for storage and other value added services connected with the farm produce.
eFresh will collect the details of these service providers and maintaining their database for economical linkages to the farming community. Where there is no sufficient existing capacity in the region, eFresh will collaborate with respective services provider in setting up these facilities.

eFresh intervention leads to
in post-harvest losses
Economical pricing
for the farmers
Economical shelf life of the produce
Increased price realization
due to better quality
of the produce