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eFresh with its process driven approach and with its developed mobile apps collects the data by mapping Villages, Crop patterns, Farmers Data, Rural Infrastructure, and Market Linkage Network for use at its FDCs.

Data collection executives are appointed in each FDC operated village who collects data on various parameters.

AGRI INFORMATION DATA SERVICES – Harnessing the Power of Data:


  • Access to Quality Inputs and Equipment
  • Upgrading of Skills and Competencies
  • Enables to grow Crops more efficiently
  • Adoption of Successful Technologies
  • Prediction of Crop Yield


  • Aggregation of Farm Machinery Hiring Services, Farm Service Providers and Rural Infrastructure.


  • Inter linking the Farmers, Processors, Traders and Consumers

Smart Farm Application

Complete Farm and Farmer Management System A
strongly interlinked top-down interface where the
activities and output at the individual grass root level
can be monitored and analysed to achieve optimum

Intelligent Farm-decision Support Solution
A seamless system of providing actionable insights to
farmers about what they need to do next and how they
should do it, leading to improved decisions and
precision in farming

The problem
Lack of proper infrastructure to reach his farm produce
to the related markets


In spite of all the efforts and hard work the Indian Farmer puts, the rewards for his farm produce are not compensative. The Indian farmer many a times incurs losses. eFresh took the challenge to understand this phenomena and after extensively studying the circumstances surrounding this phenomena developed a plan which would eliminate this farmers suffering. eFresh zeroed on this issue by understanding that the farmer suffers on the account of lack of proper infrastructure to reach his farm produce to the related markets. eFresh with a view to eliminate this gap of lack of proper network of connectivity and infrastructure in this area designed and developed a system of Farm Produce Network called the “AGRI WHEELS”. In this system eFresh would design and colloborate with the manufacturer of mini trucks wherein a network would collaborate with transporters for transport of the fresh farm output to the existing network of farm markets optimizing the post harvest losses and maximizing returns to the farmers.

The Solution

e-Commerce Platform for Sale of Agri Inputs:

There is an inefficient and unreliable delivery of Farm Inputs and Agri Services. The Farmers are facing serious problems related to Agricultural Marketing and Supply of Inputs and Services.


eFresh provides Customized eMarket place for its Franchises, Farmers and all Agriculture Stake Holders. Farmers can also transparently buy inputs like Fertilizers, Organic Compost, Plant Growth Nutrients, Pesticides and implements using online shopping and e-commerce platform.

Technology Plays a critical role in raising Farm Yields, enhancing nutritional value of foods, Climate –Proofing Agri Production and Conservation of Natural Resources. eFresh created a platform for launch and demonstration of New Innovations and Technologies by innovators/organizations at its Farmers Development Centers (FDC) for the SMART IRRIGATION


Tata Projects commercial venture with a social faceeFresh FDC is used by the TATA GROUP Company for launch of its product for the first time in India on 11th July 2017 at Jagtial ,Telangana State.

WATER & ENERGY are the lifelines of Agriculture ,which consumes around 90% of the country’s renewable fresh water and a fifth of total electricity respectively. Preserving natural resources, particularly optimum utilization of water based on the crop need and top soil is critical in ensuring the Sustainable and Profitable Farming.

TQ Mobile product is aligned to the outcomes envisaged in the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana and will help in supporting the “Per Drop More Crop” Mission.

Mobile Phone operated Pump Starter:

  •  TQ Mobile phone operated Pump Starter will enable farmers to operate an agricultural water pump remotely –the pump can be monitored and controlled, switched on and off, with the help of a Mobile Phone.
  • TQ Pump Starters are GSM based Mobile Starters, equipped with latest microcontroller based software technology, made with a vision to make farmers 100% free from daily pain, stress to start and stop motor several times a day as the farm location is away from the farmer residence. Facilitates optimum utilization of water and electricity based on the needs of the crop.
    Farmers are protected against any phase failure, Electronic Overload Protection, Remote Sensing Dry-run Protection, High / Low voltage Protection and Extreme High Current Protection.





Benefits to the Farmers:

  • Operate the Pump set through Mobile phone from anywhere and anytime.
  • Reduces water wastage, farmer time and effort.
  • Makes call to the farmer when it detects faults like overload/dry-run.
  • Talks in Farmers local language.
  • Optimum utilization of water and increased productivity and Quality of Farm produce.

Benefits to Govt:

  • Minimize energy consumption, which reduces government energy subsidy budgets, with the flip side being, it helps increase availability & reliability of power many parts of rural India
  • Conserve water- a very scarce resource & depleting rapidly.
  • Improve Agri sector yield & productivity
Easy to use. At any time. From anywhere Through Mobile Phone