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To Link Farmers health, market, a sustainable approach, is excellent. I’m sure, it will help the poor farmers to improve their life for their families, their children. I hope that also other people ,Country ,can learn of this new approach of e-learning, Knowledge management
Dr. Phil. Stefanie Burri
Swiss Development Agency for Cooperation
“I looked to at this website some time back and I must Commend you all for the excellence you have accomplished in production of this website.”
World Bank
“We are pleased to share with you that USAID has selected Rythu Ratham Success Story to publish on their website”
eFresh is of great interest
Dr. Mihir Shah Member
Former Planning Commission Member Govt. of India
“Impressed with various activities. Keep it up ”

Mr. V Shankar,
Managing Director Rallis India Ltd
“While researching about the topics for increasing Agri yields and urban farming, I found out or rather stumbled upon eFresh India great initiative and knew this is a One Shot Solution to these problems around globe and it is my belief that this has to be taken up on a large scale, lest on a worldwide level ”

Mr. Chayan Kaushal
Director Operations and Sustainability
Council, Indian School of Business
“It was a great to learn about a lot of exciting initiatives that you are doing. These will go a long way in helping lakhs of small farmers. Syngenta Foundation will provide whatever help you require in launching Agri Entrepreneurs under FDCs and making them successful. “
S. Baskar Reddy
Executive Director,
Syngenta foundation India
“Great initiative that brings in all essential inputs / services under one roof exactly the kind of intervention much needed in our country”
Subrata Kumar
Swiss contact Team from Bangladesh
Foundation of Growth
  • Innovation
  • Scalability and Transferability
  • Sustainability
Centers of Growth
  • Farmers Development Centers
  • Agri Knowledge Dissemination
  • Marketing Linkage
Drivers of Growth
  • Doubling of Farmers Income by 2022
  • Digital Technologies transforming Indian Agriculture
  • Priority focus on Agriculture by Central and State Govt.
  • Improving the purchase power of the Farming Community
  • Agricultural/commodities excluded from GST
  • World population projected to reach 9 billion by 2050