With our vision to reach the farmers at their doorstep at the FDC locations, eFresh launched e-Commerce Platform (www.efreshfdc.com ) exclusively for the region of Jagitial, Telangana State. Currently, products which are popular in the FDC region are made available.

Based on the experience of the FDCs, eFresh has ventured into a e-commerce mode to usher in ease of doing business for the farmers and the stakeholders. Both information accesses from the comforts of home and product delivery at the doorstep can be facilitated through this initiative.

A key feature will be the availability of services through the online mode. Creating awareness about the product to the services can be followed up to help the farmers make informed choices on advance booking, placing purchase orders and payment through digital mode.

For eFresh, the huge advantage will be to reduce the crowding in the Physical store with products, better space utilization, maximizing the offerings in each store and also extend various financial, marketing and advisory services through a phased manner over time.

Since e-commerce is turning out to be the way forward, the experience in FDCs can be replicated and expanded.

For the various stakeholders too in the agriculture sector, the e-commerce route can be beneficial as they will be able to utilize the FDC as a central point to exhibit their product range through models, brochures and links to their own stores as well as services through eFresh.

Going forward, this platform can be made available at other potential FDCs


First ecommerce Platform lunched on 20th Dec 2020 At Farmers Development Center , Jagtial, Telangana State

Link : www.efreshfdc.com