Driving Commercialization, Digital Transformation and Ease of Doing Business for Farmer Organizations

Farmers Development Centers

These are single stop, physical centres created in towns and villages to meet the variety of needs of the farming community and the stake holders. They offer both knowledge service and product information.

Farmers Development Centres across India
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In India’s rural settings, where Farmers Producer Organizations (FPOs) and Agripreneurs are growing quickly several logistical and supply chain challenges have sprung up. They include, access to quality Agri inputs, accounting solutions, business linkages, credit, and  technology upgrade.

On the other hand, FPOs as a part of the new emerging ecosystem, linked globally, have the twin roles to help build socio –economic resilience of farmers and lead them to achieve several sustainable goals.

Now, consider this example of quality of Agri inputs. According to research done by the Indian Institute of Public Administration with the help of the Union Ministry of Consumer Affairs, 58% of agri inputs sold in rural are fake/spurious.

After reviewing the situation, e Fresh has identified the root causes and developed a ‘Smart & Safe’ platform to provide the supportive ecosystem to the FPOs/ Agripreneurs under the umbrella of a Farmers Development Centre (FDC).

The objectives are to facilitate aggregation and reap the benefit of economies of scale in procurement of inputs, sale of farm produce, use of technology solutions and access to finances so as to enhance the income of the FPO and its member farmers. In the bargain, eFresh will emerge as a catalyst to move them smoothly into eCommerce and digital transactions. 

To improve their impact and broadbase their offerings, FDCs tie up with local Agripreneurs, Farmers Producer Organisations (FPOs), agricultural cooperatives etc . As a simple comparison one can equate them to outlets  like Apollo Pharmacy or McDonald eateries. 

eFresh Business Model

  • Emphasis on building Franchisees in FPO/Agripreneurs Space
  • FDC  is setup at FPO premises for enabling its members to access all the farmer’s needs
  • Products and services are provided through FDC’s to the Franchisees
  • FDCs are owned, invested and managed by Franchisees
  • Revenues are generated through sale of products, services and technology solutions to the franchisees

FDC as a Franchise

By design the FDCs are expected to be One Stop Shop solution for all the needs of the farmers. They will emerge as the new generation rural outlets physically established in villages and towns.  A typical FDC will operate through a cluster approach for the villages within 15-20 kms  range . Operational efficiency and sustainability is ensured by offering diversified products ranging from seeds to post-harvest storage solutions across the value chain of selective commodities.

FDCs are fully equipped with customized technology solutions that are in-house developed by the experienced team of eFresh. They are technology & data driven and offer ease of doing business.



With the vision to reach services, information and products to the doorsteps of farmers and stakeholders through the FDCs, eFresh launched its first e-Commerce Platform  (www.efreshfdc.com) at FDC, Jagitial, Telangana State.

Strengthening and expanding the e-commerce platform will be a major focus of eFresh in the near future.