Driving Commercialization, Digital Transformation and Ease of Doing Business for Farmer Organizations
Impact stories

Economic Impact

1.Economic Impact Creation For FPO’s


A Viable FPO enterprise supplying quality agri inputs to 1500 farmers at competitive prices, Ramasamudram FPO based in Chittoor,Andhra Pradesh has set up Farmers development Center ,supported by eFresh

Source : Compendium of APMAS case studies  on the occasion  of its 20 years journey ,published in the presence of Dr Chintala, Chairman, NABARD and Dr Vijay Mahajan

LINK : Economic Impact Creation For FPO’s

2.Enhancing Farm Productivity Many Fold

February 2020

SOURCE: CIO Review India Magazine- Agriculture Tech- February 2020

LINK : CIO Review India Magazine- Agriculture Tech- February 2020

3. eFresh FDC is listed one amongst the four Innovations
July 2019
A brand new Farmers Development Center (FDC) in Ramasamudram,Andhra Pradesh has been inaugurated in February 2019. the shop is managed by a local FPO. 
The shop benefits: Products of high quality are available and prices are reasonable to reduce production costs. Technical advice is given  to farmers directly at the shop using best practices videos.
SOURCE: Newsletter published by German Cooperation (GIZ) on behalf of Green Innovation Center for Agriculture and food sector-India, an initiative   of Ministry of Agriculture, Govt of India, National Center for Cold Chain Development  and German Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development
LinkNewsletter published by German Cooperation (GIZ) on behalf of Green Innovation Center for Agriculture and food sector-India
4. eFresh FDC- A reliable one stop-shop at all times
July 2019
eFresh has founded FDC to act as reliable one stop- shop at all times enabling local farmers to gain access to good agricultural practices, technology,inputs,financial and risk mitigation services ,market information and linkages
Source:  Exposure Visits and Key leanings on Farmer Producer Organizations,published by GIZ – Page Number 17
Linkpublished by GIZ
5. eFresh is a platform for knowledge and a market place for all stakeholders of agriculture.
eFresh works to minimize the knowledge gap between the farmers and the existing crop,insurance and market knowledge with the the help of different governments and private agencies like NABARD and GIZ
Source:Evaluation of integrated risk management projects-Gujarat,Maharashtra, A.P, Telangana , published by Institute for Governance, Policies and Politics,Delhi( An initiative of Vivek Manthana Foundation)