Driving Commercialization, Digital Transformation and Ease of Doing Business for Farmer Organizations

Market Linkages

The biggest challenge for a Small farmer is to reach his produce to the market in time and get the best price. In addition, the farmers needs access to procurers like supermarket chains, retailers, eCommerce firms, local mandies etc. Here, eFresh will, through the FDCs guide and play the catalyst role. Over time, the linkage can be extended to export markets too.

Our approach includes tracking the villages in the vicinity of the Farmers Development Centers and developing the tools and services to evaluate the impact on the farmers who as directly managed by us.

Market Linkage Activites

  • Identification of the farmers produce and linking with commercial and institutional buyers.
  • Connecting the farmers organizations and the buyers to the supply chain through the aggregation of service providers.
  • Facilitate the development and negotiation of contracts with buyers.
  • Educating and creating value through development of packaging, branding and exposing the farm output direct to the consumer market or commercial establishments.
  • Promoting good agricultural practices for production of pesticide residue free, quality food and linking the same to premium buyers.
  • Enhancing farmer entrepreneurship through market linkages.

Our Buyers and Sellers

As a part of Market Linkage Initiative eFresh linked the farm produce of the farmers to the Urban market. The farmers were able to earn 25% more to the exisiting market price prevaling in the market due to this initiative.