Market Linkages

eFresh has taken up this massive program to guide the farmers for agriculture best practices and link them to the market place . Our commitment to bring about a healthy agriculture revolution is inspired by Govt. of India’s objective of doubling the Farmers income by 2022.

We measure the effectiveness of our work by the number of villages and number of farmers we reach and how our innovation has improved their lives.

Our approach includes tracking the villages in the vicinity of the Farmers Development Centers and developing the tools and services to evaluate the impact on the farmers who as directly managed by us.

Market linkage activites

  • Identification of the farmers produce and linking with commercial and institutional buyers.
  • Connecting the farmers organizations and the buyers to the supply chain through the aggregation of service providers.
  • Facilitate the development and negotiation of contracts with buyers.
  • Educating and creating value through development of packaging, branding and exposing the farm output direct to the consumer market or commercial establishments.
  • Promoting good agricultural practices for production of pesticide residue free, quality food and linking the same to premium buyers.
  • Enhancing farmer entrepreneurship through market linkages.
Highway of transport network(proposed)
Storage network of Infrastructure and others
eFresh branding and marketing network
Farm produce linkages services

An initiative called “Residue Free Mangoes” where eFresh collaborated with farmers in Telangana (in Jagtial and Kollapur) who produce mangoes, to brand their produce and sell the same in Delhi’s Telangana Bhavan – where these farmers earned more than expected by selling their produce at a higher price than the usual market range. The recognition of these farmers’ hard work, and profit was all successful with the help of eFresh.

“Residue Free Grapes” is another initiative by eFresh to help the farmers. One of the varieties in grapes known as Thompson and Crimpson are branded with eFresh and procured from farmer development centres of Hyderabad to the retail market in Telangana.
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