To build a better agricultural ecosystem, we leverage the strength of our ecosystem partners to empower Agribusinesses and FPOs across the nation.

eFresh believes that partnerships are the key to building strengths and achieving accelerated growth. Our latest one with SAMUNNATI Financial Services has given us the foundation for take off in the near term. 

Right from the beginning, we have gained from associating with Institutions like the ICRISAT, NABARD, NHM etc. Among corporates, we have benefitted from Tata Rallies, Bayer, Syngenta etc…

The experiences and strengths acquired will be leveraged to help the FPO’s and Agripreneurs. 

1.Digital Initiatives for Farmers Organization

eFresh and Prof Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University ,Telangana signed MOU for implementation of eFresh digital initiatives to FPOs under Agritech Innovation Pilots in Telangana State
University will connect relevant stakeholders at the farm level including farmers, FPOs, agri scientists and State govt functionaries

Source :  Exchange of MOUs between Mr Srihari Kotela, Managing Director and Shri Praveen Rao ,Vice Chancellor

Photo  MOU signing with Agri University


2. Samunnati: (

Samunnati helps Farmer Producer Organizations ( 500+) across the country meet the supply of markets. Samunnati provides opportunities for Farmer Producer Organizations to grow. Through this and customized agri finance solutions, Samunnati empowers Indian farmers while driving growth.

eFresh signed Master  Franchise Agreement with Samunnati   in September 2020 to set up , eFresh Farmers Development Centers at the Farmer Producer Organizations and Agri enterprises under franchise business model for meeting all the needs of the FPOs including products & services provision, financial needs , farm output market linkages.

        So Far 67 FDCs were set up at the FPOs across 8 States



 APMAS, headquartered in Hyderabad, has been working since 2001 towards promoting and strengthening Farmers Producer Organizations (FPOs) , Self-help Groups. APMAS played a key role in facilitating Government-FPO collaboration to synergize and maximize impact. APMAS is working in the states of A.P, Telangana, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. It so far promoted directly 47 FPOs and support is extended to another 150 + FPOs in the capacity of Resource Support Agency

APMAS signed MOU with eFresh in 2019 for setting up Farmers Development Centers at the FPOs promoted by them



eFresh and International Crops Research Institute for the Semi –Aid –Tropics (ICRISAT) signed MOU in August 2016 ICRISAT for 3 years period

To showcase the initiatives of eFresh Farmers Development Centers and Agricultural knowledge centre through demonstration announces Group Publications made to Govt. Agencies, NGO’s and other Development Agencies.

To facilitate promotional activities of eFresh Farmers Development Centers in India and Abroad.


5. National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development ( NABARD)-

 NABARD has extended financial Support under Rural Innovation Fund to eFresh for development of eFresh Portal in the year 2011.

NABARD also extended financial support to eFresh for setting up two Farmers Development Centers on pilot basis and these have been successfully implemented


6. National Horticulture Mission:

National Horticulture Mission (NHM) is an Indian horticulture Scheme promoted by Government of India. It was launched under the 10th five-year plan in the year 2005-06. While Government of India contributes 85%, 15% share is contributed by State Governments.

NHM extended financial assistance for development of eFresh Portal for the benefit of the farming community