Driving Digital Transformation for Farmers Organizations (FPOs)

Data driven agriculture for Advisory & Market linkages, Digitization of Data & Records, Business Intelligence for Compliance's

Most Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO) are relatively new companies  using manual processes and methods. .  Manual record keeping and maintaining multiple record books increase the chances of error and makes reconciliation across business transactions difficult The speed of operations and successful scale up of an FPO are heavily impacted by the number of people it can hire to manage office , field and market operations. This makes the case for simple digital tools for FPOs which can help improve the operational efficiency of the FPO workforce and also aide in digitally tracking all business transactions in a easy and secure manner

eFresh with its internal team of experts intensively studied the day to day operations of farmer producer organizations and has come up with various software modules like MyFarmer App, Ecommerce platform, Retail Software, Quality Management Systems, Business to Business(B2B) App, Automation of procurement process, Analytics and Dashboards.

FPO/Franchisee can select the appropriate software tools suitable for their operations

MyFarmer App - Mobile App for Farmers Mapping

Farmers eMarketplace App - Last Mile Connectivity

Farmer Producer Organizations operate on a radius of 20 Km covering 15 to 20 villages. This mobile app is  developed for the use of village associates who extend the Farmer Producer Organizations business beyond the Farmer Producer Organizations operating radius.

  • Village associates can book orders from the farmers beyond the Farmer Organization operational area.
  • This mobile app will help the Farmer Producer Organizations to extend its business operations beyond its operational area.
  • Village associates are empowered to generate additional income and the entrepreneurship

Partners Marketplace App - Mobile App for B2B business

  • Ease of Doing Business : eFresh has designed a mobile application for purchase of products by the  existing agri input dealers or other farmers organizations
  • Through this mobile app the Dealers or the farmers organizations can place orders using the Mobile App and products are delivered from the local Farmer Organization under eFresh partnership.

eQMS - Simplifying Governance, Risk and Compliance Management Through Automation

The software is designed and developed to capture the documents and data of the FPO/ Franchise .  It helps in digitizing the records, documents and information and can be accessed any time and from anywhere by the management of FPO/Sponsors. Remote auditing and view of financials, statutory compliances and inventory management is facilitated.

  • FPO/Franchise Profile
  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation
  • Statutory compliances
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • HR Management,
  • Monitoring
  • Fixed Assets
  • Impact Stories of the farmers and so on

eRetail Software for Sale of Agri Inputs

  • eRetail software provides a complete Retail management solution for Farmer producer organizations for their day to day retail store operations eRetail Software delivers a solution that is configurable, comprehensive, flexible and easy to implement.

  • This application provides Farmer producer organizations a real time view of their operations with centralized control enabling them in effective and faster decision-making. It helps retailers succeed in their business by providing integrated functionalities including Business Intelligence, Analytics; 

  • The eRetail software integrates with QMS module and dashboard analytics module.

e-Commerce Platform for Sale of Agri Inputs

  • Taking the products to the doorstep of the farmers
  • Customized eMarket place for its Franchises and Farmers. Products at Farmer Producer Organizations can be purchased by the farmers through online  e-commerce platform.

eProcurementSMART Application

eProcurementSMART a comprehensive procure-to-pay functionality covers the entire procurement process — from requisition to approval, automated three-way matching and exception handling, vendor communication and relationship management, payment, and reporting. Implementation is easy and rapid, with superb legacy integration capabilities, appealing design and minimal training required for any level of user.

    • compliance and process efficiency
    • slashes paper work
    • processing errors and costs — with a minimal learning curve.

Digital Platform for Agriculture

Digital Platform for Agriculture is an innovative platform  as a One Stop  of Information to Farmers. It is placed at Farmer Producer Organizations for the service of farmers. It serves as a self service Kiosk for farmers providing information on

  • Crops Technical
  • Govt. Support Schemes
  • Market Info
  • New Technologies
  • Micro Irrigation
  • Cold Storages
  • Dairy Farming
  • Agri Solar
  • Farmers Success Stories and many more..
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