Who We Are

eFresh Agribusiness Solutions has conceived a SMART and SAFE Farming Platform as a One Stop Shop for all Farmers needs, Knowledge and Market Linkages for Farm Produce using TRADITIONAL and TECHNOLOGY Interventions.

eFresh activities includes Knowledge & Skill Development, Sale of Agri Inputs/Rural Products, Custom Hiring of Farm Machinery, Market Linkages for the farm produce at Farmer Development Centers and bringing other important players in the Agri Supply Chain like Warehouses, Transporters and Farm Service Providers.

Farmers are benefited through reduction in Farming costs, Improved price realization, Digital Literacy and Good Agriculture Practices.
eFresh is supported by National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) and International Crop Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT).


Our Business Model

eFresh Promoting FPO's/Agripreneurs as FDC Franchise


Empower Farmers to build Sustainable and Responsible Agriculture.


To provide integrated one stop solution to farmers through smart and safe farming resulting in enlarged scope, scale and skill of operations.


eFresh created a platform for launch and demonstration of New Innovations and Technologies by innovators/organizations at its Farmers Development Centers (FDC) for the SMART IRRIGATION.


Present marketing chains consist of multiple middlemen, each taking a margin at every stage of the chain. This results in lower price realizations and at times, inability to recover the farm operational costs.

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