Food Safety Enabled Market Facilitation

Food Safety Enabled Market Facilitation

Our goal is to digitally reach all the important crop production centers in rural areas and to create large pool of skilled persons ( Food Safety bearers) who will become enablers in promoting food safety across food supply chain and to create impact on:

  • Sustainable and environment friendly agriculture. 
  • Increase in income through better market linkages.
  • Availability of trained personnel in rural areas for scaling up GAP. 
  • Increased farm exports 
  • Safe food to the consumers
  • Gradual decrease in food borne diseases.

Challenge in Crop Production Centers

  • Implementation of Global Food Safety Standards.
  • Availability of trained man power 
  • Market linkage to the niche/export market

Customer Segment

  • FPOs , Food processers & Handlers , Importers, exporters


  • Consultancy Charges for facilitation of Food Safety standards from the FPOs/ Promoting Agencies/ Institutions etc.…
  • Facilitation charges for connecting the certified farm produce to the niche/export market.

Impact creation

Sorghum Production Under Food Safety Certification – IndGAP

  • Farmers Selected - 32
  • Small and Marginal Farmers with 1 to 2 Acers of Land
  • Land Under Cultivation – 42 Acers
  • Market Rate sold - Rs 65 to 70/- per Kg
  • Local Market Price – Rs 46/-

Over 30% Higher price realization

1. About Client

Mr. Srikanth Reddy Mango Farmer implemented  IndGAP .Telangana State.

2. Key Initiative

First mango farm in India certified to IndGAP.
eFresh Provided guidance on IndGAP implementation

3. Business Impact

Immediate benefit has been the increase in price realization of 25% over the local market price  and creation of Carbide and Residue free brand

1. About Client

ITC  and  Agri Business  and Farming Solutions 

2. Key Initiative

Farmers are advised and assisted in the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices for improving the productivity, sustainability and quality of farm output.

3. Business Impact

Input Cost reduction by 10.7%

Income increase by 13.2%

Improvement of health of the farmers

Judicious use of Water

Sustainability in Agricultural Operations