Farmers Development Centre

FDC- Physical  center in a crop production location 

Challenges in Crop production areas:

FDC Activities

  • Sale of quality Agri inputs (Seed, Plant Protection Products, Fertilizers etc.), farm equipment and farming services.
  • Providing Digital Technology Solutions.
  • Model Farmers promotion for scaling up Good Agricultural Practices.

Business Model

  • Building Franchisees in FPO/Agripreneurs Space in  FDC domain 
  • FDCs are owned, invested and managed by Franchisees under eFresh facilitation.
  • Setting up company owned FDCs in major crop production areas.

Customer Segment

  • FPOs,
  • Primary Agricultural Cooperative societies,
  • Self Help Groups,
  • Agri Institutions,
  • Retailers
  • Farmers etc.


  • Revenues are generated through sale of agri inputs, services and digital solutions. 

FDC Validation & Impact creation

A brand new FDC at Ramasamudram FPO,  Andhra Pradesh has been inaugurated and the FPO benefits : Products of high quality are available and the prices are reasonable to reduce production cost. Technical advise is given to farmers directly using the best practice videos.

Published by : Green Innovation Center, an Initiative of Ministry of Agriculture, Govt of India and German Development Cooperation- 2019

Farmer Development Center as Innovation


1. About Client

A Compendium of APMAS Case Studies”. January 2021
Released by Dr Vijay Mahajan and Dr Chintala, NABARD Chairman.

2. Key Initiative

eFresh has set up Farmer Development Center under Franchise with FPO. FDC is  managed  and invested by FPO

3. Business Impact

At FDC, fertilizers are available during lean season as well at economical prices. During Covid time, FDC maintained the stock of urea where there was no stock available in other shops.
Supplying quality Agri-inputs to 1500 farmers at competitive prices.

1. About Client

CIO Review India: Publication February 2020

2. Key Initiative

Harnessing the power of advancing technologies for improved farming through  eFresh Farmers Development Centers

3. Business Impact

eFresh enhancing the farm productivity many fold and has been working with the farmers on the ground through FDCs, having understood the challenges, developed a business model and user-friendly technology solutions for farmer producer companies. 

1. About Client

Jafrabad Agriculture Producer Company (JAPCL) : Gujarat with 726 Farmers

2. Key Initiative

FDC was setup under franchise from eFresh
Digital Transformation initiatives

3. Business Impact

The product range increased from  8 to 10 items to 18 to 20 items with good profits
Sale of new products  increased up to 40 to 50 %,after successful demos at FDC.
With good price and quality items we reached to more than 600 farmers with turn over of Rs 20 lakhs.

1. Key Learning’s

South-South Exchange Meet on FPOs in  India- 2019. The project is part of the global special initiative “One World-No Hunger“ of Germany Federal Ministry for Economic co-operation and Development .   

2. Business Impact

“FDC  provides agricultural products and good agricultural practices. These centers are designed to act as reliable one stop-shop at all times enabling local farmers to gain access to knowledge, technology, inputs, services, financial & risk mitigation, and market information and linkages. Farmers benefit from reduced costs, improved pricing, digital services and good agricultural practices.


1. About Client

Institute for Governance ,Policies and Politics , New Delhi.

2. Key Initiative

eFresh FDC is a platform for knowledge and marketplace for all stakeholders of agriculture. Its staff and resource persons train farmers by going to the villages and talking to 3000 farmers. eFresh is connected to the distributors for genuine products and lower input costs at the ground level. 

3. Business Impact

That farmers in the intervention areas have started changing  their farming and marketing methods which has resulted in operational cost savings and increase in income realization.
Genuine Products and Lower input Costs

1. About Client

Taking Rural India Forward:

Innovations that changed Rural Lives. Published by NABARD and Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation

2. Key Initiative

Introduction of Mobile Van for training the farmers at their doorstep in the villages

3. Business Impact

208 Rythu Rathams an innovative program designed to reach and teach farmers at their doorstep and empowering them with knowledge on various topics-good agricultural practices and available technology solutions