Digital Transformation

Digital Solutions

Innovative solutions that are different which can make FPOs fall in love with them.
eFresh experience through FDC, nature of business transactions handled, Skill set of personnel in rural areas, and eFresh developed customized digital solutions addressing the challenges faced by farmer’s organizations.

• Digitization of Data and Records
• Meeting regulatory compliances
• Skill development on Global Food Safety Standards for market /export facilitation


• eFresh Digital solutions will facilitate business connectivity to the farmers organisations which includes supply of quality inputs and farming services
• SAAS model

Challenges Faced and eFresh Solutions

A customized financial accounting and data analytics tool for enhancement of business development and digitisation of data and records. Will generate reports, both financial and Business which includes purchases/sales/products margins, profit and loss account. Suppliers/receivables, GST & TDS reports etc. Remote monitoring access to the Banks/Board of Directors/ Promoting Agencies to facilitate timely actions. Personnel with non-commerce background can also operate the software tool. Overview of Dashboard


  • Regularity compliances to income tax, Companies act, GST etc.… 
  • Digitalisation on non-financial accounting transactions.


eFresh developed a customized compliances tool for farmer’s organisations/Agripreneurs to facilitate digitisation of data and records for timely compliances and monitoring human resources.  Guidance is provided on compliances. Remote access facility to the board of directors and banks. 

App connects the farmers in the villages to farmer’s organisations and products or services are delivered at farmer’s doorstep, via village level entrepreneur (VLE), who is paid certain margin on the products towards his services.  This will facilitate expansion of business to nearby villages.

It is integrated with the eMerchant tool to provide business information/data via dashboards to the promoting agencies of farmer’s organisations to facilitate real time monitoring and timely support


  • eFresh is working with FPOs promoting agencies for connecting its digital solutions to the Farmers organizations.
  • Software as a Service model through licensing and subscriptions
  • Business relationship facilitation for connecting to FDC activities

Customers Segment

  • Farmers organizations,
  • Agripreneurs,
  • Agri based institutions,
  • Promoting agencies,
  • Food processing organizations.